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Beach Lake Stables’ Delta Breezers sponsors a mounted sensory clinic on July 20 — Recap of the day!

Beach Lake Stables' Delta Breezers sponsors a mounted sensory clinic on July 20Saturday July 20th, cialis sales diagnosis the Delta Breezers were up early and ready for the mounted Sensory Clinic. Our trainer, patient Jeff Lane, an experienced horseman and CHP Mounted Patrol officer, gave us a safety briefing then we mounted up and were off to the land of weird and scary things! Jeff’s son and daughter helped, as did fellow mounted patrol officers, Kari Dillon and Casey Maxwell. Jeff’s son aptly described the course as a “haunted house” for horses!

We had approximately 14 brave horse and rider teams including a good mix of young riders and young horses and old riders and older horses! Young and old alike had a great day!

Youngest rider was Alyssa on her fancy Morgan, Ice, who was nominated as the “best looking horse under stress.” Youngest horse was little JJ, our off-the-track rescue who did really great particularly since it was his first time cantering in a group of horses since the track! He was ridden by Trish, the oldest rider. Oldest horse was Joe (Rosanna rider), who was a pro at everything and the training crew had to invent some new challenges just for him.

Youngest rider Alyssa on Ice     Youngest horse JJ considers putting a foot in the bucket

The challenges included a drag chain in a bucket; a mattress to walk over; lighted flares; water guns and silly string; a tarp covered with plastic bottles to walk through, a big bouncing ball, a leaf blower and a tire maze.

Mimi, our beloved Belgian girl, with Phil and Jeff as riders, got the “trash compactor&rddquo; award for really squishing the plastic bottles.     Gemini, with Shelly aboard was the first to plant two feet on the mattress!

All the horses did great and made progress from whatever level they were at. All riders learned new skills to use when their horses are confronted with unusual objects or situations on the trail. “Persistence awards” go to Karen on Pepper; Kim on Billie, Mitch on Toby, Jodi on Cosmo and Tanya on Vinnie who overcame a lot of horse resistance and completed the main challenges of the course. Julia on Star also got the “persistence award” for lots of hard sweat getting Star to accept some of the obstacles. Mimi, our beloved Belgian girl, with Phil and Jeff as riders, got the “trash compactor” award for really squishing the plastic bottles. Shelly on Gemini did awesome! Gemini often taps into her thoroughbred genes and can get very worried about things. Yet, with Shelly aboard she was the first to plant two feet on the mattress!

Harvey served up some delicious BBQ chicken. Afterwards we had a great BBQ in the backyard of Harvey and Lois’ house. Harvey served up some delicious BBQ chicken drum sticks. The participants brought a lovely array of salads and treats to go with it. It was a great chance to debrief and talk over the fun and learning of the day. Special thanks to Harvey and Lois for hosting us, Rosanna for coordinating the clinic and all the pesky details, and Carey and Jeannie who gave indispensable support for the day

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Some comments from the day:

“What a fabulous day! A huge thank you to Jeff, Kari and Casey for making this a great learning experience and a fun bonding time with our horses and each other!” Kim Wiens

“Cosmo and I learned a lot and we both got braver as the event unfolded. I saw a lot of courage in my fellow riders and their mounts, too. This event reminded me why I hang out with horses and horse people! I can’t stop thinking and talking about it” Jodi Adkins

“Loved it and can’t stop thinking about what I rode away with! Great accomplishments from all the horses and riders. Thank you to Jeff, Casey and Kari for all the spooky encouragements and to Jeff’s son, daughter and friend! Thank you Harvey and Lois for the BBQ and to all who brought scrumptious yums yums to it!” Mitch Melody

“The Clinic was fun and I learned so much. I have more ‘tools’ to work with and a process to use. I got more than I expected and loved it. Thanks to the brave participants and instructors and the Collins family for their ongoing support of our local equestrian community.” Rosanna Venturini

Congratulations to All Clinic Participants which Included!

Mitch Melody
Kim Weins
Jodi Adkins
Alyssa Hansen
Tanya Stauffacher McKibben

Trish Davey
Karen Thiebaud
Lin Collins
Chris Frieders

Rosanna Venturini
Shelly Beals
Julia Thomas
Phil Bodenhorn
Carey Little